Static Map

Get image preview with a route line from A to B
URL: /staticmap/route

Method: GET

originThe origin (start) coordinate string (Required)20.981971,105.864323
destinationThe destination coordinate string (Required).21.03876,105.79810
widthWitdh of response image. Defaults to 600(px)600
heightWitdh of response image. Defaults to 400(px)400
vehicleVehicle type. Options are car, bike, taxi, truck, hd (for ride hailing vehicles)car
typeDirection types. Options are fastest, shortest. Defaults to fastestfastest
colorThe color of route line. Defaults to #253494#253494

Example request

$ curl ",105.864323&destination=21.03876,105.79810&vehicle=car&api_key={YOUR_API_KEY}"

Response is an Image
Goong Static Map Image